bain flottant thérapeutique


To float in Epsom salt, is to float in a natural relaxant. A cure of health which supplied magnesium and sulfate to your body.

Studies show these benefits from the major components
of Epsom Salt may;

  • Ease stress and improves sleep and concentration
  • Help muscles and nerves function properly
  • Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes
  • Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots
  • Make insulin more effective
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • Improve oxygen use
  • Flush toxins
  • Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
  • Help prevent or ease migraine headaches


Information supplied by: on Epsom Salt ; 

" Because of the high magnesium content, epsom salts bath can be helpful any time you are suffering from achiness and muscle strain. It is an excellent idea for the evening after you have had a massage because it helps to clear out released lactic acid. Without this, there may be a temporary generalized soreness following the massage treatment of a particularly tight area.